• Make clear to others your commitment to the environment
  • Work into your supplier contracts environmental policies and practices
  • Make your environmental policies part of your marketing efforts
  • Create your own waste reduction policy, including: waste reduction, reuse of waste wherever possible and recycling of materials that can?t be reused
  • Purchase products made from recycled materials, or that can be recycled after use, and encourage your exhibitors to use these same products
  • Promote the use of stands that can be reused in other events
  • Reduce printed materials. Much information can be delivered electronically (web site, email, electronic presentations, CD or DVD, broadcasts, podcasts, memory sticks, SMS). When you do need to print, ensure you use recycled paper and print on both sides of the pages
  • Use an on-line registration system. This saves paper and trees
  • Instead of offering attendees plastic bags, why not offer them bags made from canvas, or some other reusable material?
  • Try to make sure your signage can be reused, avoiding inclusion of dates and times